Senna sempre

We miss him more than ever. Gone almost 30 years, Ayrton Senna’s legend is fixed in the hearts and minds of countless F1 fans. This collection pays tribute to his time with both the McLaren and Williams teams, sponsored by two of tobacco’s largest players, Marlboro and Rothmans.

 Since he won his three world championships, 1988, 1990, 1991, with Marlboro McLaren, it was only natural to create two designs that celebrate that success. But to fully appreciate his career, we wanted to honor the three races he drove under the Rothmans Williams banner.

 So here are three ways you can celebrate the man who was gone too soon, the driver who set a new record by winning 8 races in a single season, and, another fun fact – his largest margin of victory was a whopping 1 minute 23 seconds in 1986. He was fast in any car, he was beloved by fans, and he was a one of kind man.